Institute of International Teachers Training(IITT) propounds encouragement for the teachers to take a federal initiative or a state program to solve the biggest challenges in education. IITT endorses an unified specialization for willing teachers to truly lead large-scale transformation to provide both time and training and exercise leadership. Institute of International Teachers Training at the federal level, support and encourage the efforts that the teachers should empower themselves for “The International Diploma in Pre And Primary Teachers Training” program as to socio-prudently promoting unified quality of academic, scholastic, tutorial, cultural, informational and instructive zeal of education. IIT also assigns the managerial and directorial statistics of teaching in regard of the academic mobility and professionalism. The Institute of International Teachers Training aims at the educational signature of promoting child education in Pre-primary, Montessori ground.

Our Institute of International Teachers Training(IITT) aptitude aspires the trainees across the globe to specialize in planning, providing educational and behavioral guidelines as an effective tool to bring up their children in a much professional way. IITT ensures out the preparation of scholastic and imperial teachers and their professional, educational and leading competence. IITT encourages the learning pupils to take on the challenges of today’s changing educational strategies in schools and meet the growing demands of young students, parents, schools and society thereby posing an explicit and lucent Educational Leadership confidence, Administration & Management buildup.


IITT solely concentrates to carry every persuader’s learning interest as in their choice of accessibility;

Diverse time and place - In IITT Students will have more opportunities to learn at different times in different places.

Personalized learning - Students will learn with study tools that adapt to the capabilities of a student. This means above average students shall be challenged with harder tasks and questions when a certain level is achieved. Students who experience difficulties with a subject will get the opportunity to practice more until they reach the required level. Our active and prudent trainers will provide 100% study assistance evaluation by whatsap, e-mail or Skyp.

Free choice - Though every subject that is taught aims for the same destination, the road leading towards that destination can vary per student. Students will be able to modify their learning process with tools they feel are necessary for them.

Student ownership - Students will become more and more involved in forming their curriculum. Maintaining a curriculum that is contemporary, up-to-date and useful. Critical input from students on the content and durability of their courses is a must for an all-embracing study program.


In IITT, we are devoted to provide an opportunity for those who care about education and share their ideas with the learners. we enthusiastically balances out our learning motto “ Make a living by making a life” in acquaintance with the probable scenario of various international teaching programs and the equation between the trainees in classrooms from all over the world through the practical teaching practices .

Our experienced teachers and dedicated teaching staffs have been involved in teaching and active in globally researching areas constitutes out the new era teaching practices and certainty of skilled control of management of issues faced by the young teachers and trainees in practical class rooms. In IITT the trainers will form a central point for the students who will be paving their future. IITT provides a concrete vitality to each trainee from academic performance to their job assistance.


The Institute Of International Teachers reigns a leading name in the field of International Teachers Training innovations with the Government registration index and a valid certification portal of ISO 9001. The Government of India certifies IITT to claim the International Teachers Training education program that is globally conceding. IITT accomplishes the purpose of student renounced learning assistance. The IITT courses or the IITT’s International Teachers Training specifically allows the trainees to gain or improve their skills in the occupation of teaching.

IITT courses assigns to prepare the teachers to meet the demands of the young children’s classroom. The courses are available in both Online and Distance learning mode and serves the needs of the aspiring teachers. On completion of the course the trainees will be awarded the following certificates:

  • i. International Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course
  • ii. International Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training Course
  • iii. International Diploma in Educational Leadership , Administration & Management.
  • iv. Certification Courses.

The certificates granted by IITT will not mention the “Online” and “Distance” in the certificates. IITT certificates have an immense value as it has affiliations with international educational bodies. Therefore the IITT trainees assign an exposure to multiple global teaching job facilities in pre and primary schools.




The International Association for Distance Learning was established to promote excellence in open, distance and online learning and to offer a voluntary system of validation and recognition for course-providers worldwide. The Institute Of International Teachers Training has allied with The International Association For Distance Learning which aspire to advocate excellence in open, distance and online learning for Montessori, Primary, Preprimary & Nursery teachers training worldwide.


IITT is associated with renowned association of Association For Early Childhood Education and Development (AECED) which is a national registered body. It was established with the intention of bringing together professionals in the field of early childhood education in the interest of the young child.


IITT is also associated with International Montessori Society (IMS) which supports Montessori principles with an adequate comprehensiveness. IITT provides its members with a network of services, communication and association to help to support Dr. Maria Montessori’s great vision of a “new education” in the world.


IITT has assisted with the professional membership of Cambridge English Teacher to enhance its international teachers training program for the trainees.


IITT bears a prominent accreditation to the College of Teachers, London to upgrade the standard of teaching in pre & primary as well as post graduate administrative positions in schools worldwide.


The trainee continuing a teachers training course from IITT can assign even in the international education industry. They receive certificates accredited by the prestigious fixtures like International Association for Distance Learning, International Montessori Society and Association for Early Childhood Care and Education. IITT’s International Pre & Primary Teacher Training Program and International Montessori Teachers Training in both Online and Distance Learning modes, serves the needs and demands of the ambitious professional teachers. Upon completion of the course successfully the candidates are awarded with an internationally recognized certificate. The certificate will not mention the word “Online” or “Distance” and its shipment is free within India. Nevertheless IITT charges an additional 35 USD for international students.
The certificate confers with the distinctiveness for educationist, heads of academic institutions and other educational administrative professional to learn the skill of administrative index and managerial as well as directorial plans of institutions. The IITT teachers training program facilitates the trainee to utilize the available teaching resources in creative ways with a realization of its potential to yield the best results. The trainees become confident to conceive the development in assurance for Educational Planning; learning, acknowledgement, Administration and Management.


IITT is looking to expand franchisee cultivation within the education sector to create our own space. IITT invites cooperation with the quality conscious individuals who genuinely manifests exceptional strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction, coverage and comprehensiveness of sales resources, a clear marketing plan to promote training and Certification, business and delivering high quality training, suitable for learning equipment. For an ideal business intention the education industry quests for most reliable workplace for women to startup their own business under total support and guidance.

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