Please read this guideline before filling up your online application form . The email ID used for registration must belong to the applicant. The email address and the contact number must be valid and functional. After the evaluation of your application you shall be informed about your status of query by our academic coordinators. No claims shall be entertained by our academic experts in case of incomplete or non-submitted application. On receiving the form our COURSE COORDINATOR will call and guide you with the necessary details about enrollment.

Please enter your name as mentioned in highest qualification mark sheet and choose your gender. Enter date of birth in the format (DD/MM/YYYY). The candidates have to enter functional and valid e-mail and contact number which will be used for the application process and registration and the highest qualification quotient for further IITT’s academic assistance. The interested learners are requested to subscribe with their valid living location from where they ought to pursue. Candidates are liberalized to select their choice of IITT’s teaching program. Please mention your name of interest to pursue international teachers training. Your comment on the application form column “why you want to choose teaching as a career’’ should be studied as chief initials.


Each mode has its own distinctive features. It is wrong to conclude that either mode has more worth or is better than the other.

Online Learning Mode

After enrolling for the Online Teachers Training course with IITT the online trainer will contact you via email. The students will be provided with a link along with a username and password, through which he/she can access the course material. The access to each module will be given at a time. There are ten modules and each module needs to be finished within durability and submitted online for assessment. The online course material is available in both downloadable and printable version. The students are requested to get in touch with the online tutor through email, chat or telephone.

Distance Learning Mode

After enrolling for the Distance Teachers Training course with IITT the administrating department will coordinate the trainees with the course materials. It will consider around seven working days from the date of registration. The consignment number will be emailed to the trainees. There are ten modules and each module needs to be finished within a fixed period. The assignments needs to be submitted for evaluation .The tutor will evaluate your work and put her remarks which will prove constructive for the trainee in future.

For any doubts the students are requested to communicate with the online tutor through email, chat or telephone.

Inclass Learning Mode

The sheer learning provided by physical presence in the class and interacting with peers and faculty is unexcelled. All doubts of the students are cleared. The IITT trainers reach out to the various needs of our individual trainees. The face-to- face interaction, high-end platforms provide very good content-sharing and learning-sharing facility to the IITT trainees. In a full-time course a student is able to devote more time and more comprehensive learning.


IITT’s practice teaching is of paramount importance in the vocational training of student teachers. It is this immersion into the real world of school that prepares the student in making the transition from trainee to professional. Hence teaching practice session is an integral part of IITT’s international teachers training curriculum and a lot of significance is given to these sessions during the evaluation. The teaching practice sessions helps the students to for the following themes to be identified:

  • A sense of it being mainly a positive experience.
  • An awareness of the importance of relationships.
  • An awareness of the cultural and contextual make-up of learners.
  • A sense of ambivalence around sources of anxiety.
  • A sense of ambivalence around the value of the journal.

Existing teachers can do teaching practice in their own school. A student needs to complete a minimum of one Teaching Practice Session. IITT will be providing with an official recommendation letter for the purpose. The students may choose their own topics for these sessions. The teaching practice lesson format will be given by the academic tutor. The students need to submit Lesson Plans, Material Evaluation forms, Observation sheets and Evaluation forms duly filled as a proof.


IITT help all the studdents with our online support portal which includes job placement, worksheets and activities which are required by teachers for teaching in school.


Trainers assessment is an integral part of instruction, as it determines whether or not the goals of education are being met. IITT delivers all kinds of assistance to the student. The IITT courses provides the trainees with overall knowledge about the latest teaching techniques. The IITT trainers takes an active role in making decisions about the purpose of assessment and the content that is being assessed.
The trainers will actively upgrade you to be an aspiring teacher

  • Developing your Educational leadership roles
  • Crisis and management of issues related to Administration and Academics.
  • Provide diagnostic feedback.
  • Helps the trainees set standards.
  • Evaluates progress.

The experienced and dedicated IITT trainers are involved in teaching and active in globally researching areas.


“IITT encompasses 100% job assistance for its trainees..”

ITA assists for trusted confidence building susceptibility among its learners IITT prepares the trainees for teacher jobs in India and abroad. In the present competitive -economic conditions IITT promises to give 100% job assistance to every member of our institute. The IITT provides a great job platform by sending the job requirements from a job portal that we own. Trainees as soon as they get enrolled to a course with IITT are entitled to access our partner portals and can receive job alerts as per their requirements throughout their whole lifetime.

In today’s competing rundown IITT’s placement cell implements comprehensive placement supervision to cope with the professional convenience. In the IITT job portal the trainee can search the global job openings for teachers and accomplish their teaching mobility as per their choice.


What is International Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course consists of?

The International Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course consists of the teachers who aim to teach the age group of Montessori/ Kindergarten/ Nursery up to class five. This course makes one eligible to teach both Pre & Primary level of students.

What will be my teaching quotient after the completion of the course?

The course makes you eligible to teach the age group of 0-12 years.

Will I get a diploma certification?

On completion of the course IITT will perceive you an internationally accepted Diploma Certificate.

Do I get any help from tutors or trainers?

IITT delivers all kinds of assistance to the students, from enrollment until placement on completion of course. IITT considers teaching training assessment as an integral part of instruction, as it determines whether or not the goals of education are being met.

How much salary one can expect?

The salary will vary depending on the kind of school.

What modes of learning IITT facilitates?

In IITT the courses are available in two learning modes: Online/ E- Learning and Distance Learning.

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