Become a Certified Pre Primary School Teacher.

Why one should opt for the teachers training course to become a well researched and capable Montessori, Pre and Primary and Nursery school teacher? A very common question asked by the candidates and their family. To make the reasons behind getting a certified training clear to all, we have broken down it into three important points.

A teachers training helps the trainees face the changing challenges that circle the life of a teacher almost everyday! An enriched training will thus prepare them to face those minute and big scale challenges more sanguinely and peacefully. Training teaches to deal with failures

A teacher is not just entitled to one role; he/she has to perform several multiple roles like- babysitter, friend, mother, instructor (both lenient and easy-going), etc. Thus, a bona-fide and sound training from a recognized and accredited institution is must

This training also helps the aspiring teachers to deal with the so called “Teacher burnout” or the session of never-ending stress in an unflustered and pacific manner

A well trained teacher knows that teaching is not only about “Chalk and Talk”, but also about practical theories and concepts. A trained teacher knows his/her position or role; they know their classroom, their students, and their mindset all by heart.

The most advance Teacher Training Course in India and Abroad

Flexibility in learning modes, online trainers support with 100% placement assistant
(128 hours training, weekend classes with doubt sessions)

What is Institute of International Teachers Training ???

Our Association & Membership

International Training Academy is a registered body with Government of India and an ISO 9001 certification as well. International Training Academy has the membership of The International Association For Distance Learning which is a renowned Association for Early Childhood Education and Development, International Montessori Society that supports Montessori principles effectively worldwide, the professional membership of Cambridge English Teacher, a prominent professional body for the excellence in classroom, distance and online learning for Montessori, Primary, Preprimary & Nursery teachers training.

We are also proud to be associated with College of Teachers, London for improving the standard of teaching in pre & primary as well as post graduate administrative positions in schools worldwide.

Our Courses

As a leading name in the education industry, The Institute Of International Teachers Training fosters customized international diploma in pre primary teachers training courses just for you.

International Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course

IITT’s International Diploma In Pre and Primary teachers training establishes ...

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International Advanced Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course

The program throws light on the early childhood and pre and primary education which is the most ...

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International Post Graduate Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course

The Post Graduate Diploma in Pre-Primary Education is a specialized ...

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International Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training Course

Montessori method of education emphasizes on independence, freedom, and respect for a child’s

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International Diploma in Educational Leadership , Administration & Management

Education management has to be strengthened by enhancing leadership ...

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International Diploma in Special Needs Education

IITT’s Special Needs Education maintains a fair and appropriate services for disabled students to make mainstream education

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Certificate Course in Teaching Grammar

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Certificate Course in Language Enrichment

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Certificate Course in Educational Leadership

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Certificate Course In Classroom & Behavioural Management

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Certificate Course In Classroom Material Development

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Certificate Course In School Administration & Management

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Outcome of Training

The International Pre and Primary Teachers Training courses has been structured forming up the latest developments in the field of early childhood education and is ideal for people who are interested to teach the learning disciples across the globe. Home makers, Career Switchers, Entrepreneurs are selectively the identity index of becoming an internationally certified teacher. As to begin your career from being a home maker to a identity respect as a Montessori and primary teachers in schools or to lag out from the hard core of corporate Institute of International Teachers Training(IITT) encompasses 100% guarantee for its trainees.

Institute of International Teachers Training(IITT) will actively upgrade you to be an aspiring teacher; assuring a big influence on the younger generation’s capacity to face future challenges; developing and upgrading the teaching technology to suit the generation-next learners or being an entrepreneur; developing the Educational leadership roles, Crisis and Disaster Management for issues related to Administration and Academics.

What Our student Say

Our Support & Services

Institute of International Teachers Training advocates an eventual platform for the young learners, the crucial importance to teach that the teachers should empower themselves for the international teachers training program that encourages unified quality of learning in regards of the academic mobility and professionalism of teaching. IITT provides Video Lessons through the entire training period with expert trainers support, Teaching Practice Sessions and 100% job assistance.







The IITT workshops actualize to foster a more creative and proportional environment in the classroom to encourage students’ interest in learning. Teachers in these workshops get the space to learn ‘by doing’ through a range of activities and experiences aimed towards promoting higher student self-esteem, increase student involvement and greater cohesion among teachers, students and their families.


IITT promises to give 100% job assistance to the trainees of our institute. In present where jobs are so scarce, IITT provides a great job platform by sending job alerts from a job portal that we own. Trainees as soon as they get enrolled to a course with IITT can access IITT employment portal and can capitulate it as per their requirements.

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